Digital & CAN-Bus wiring for Towing

22 Apr 2016

Digital & CAN-Bus wiring for Towing

1. What is it?

Many modern vehicles use CAN-Bus or some form of digital wiring to relay messages around the vehicle. These messages convey instructions to the vehicle about such things as engine management, braking, stopping, reversing, cruise control etc. In addition to this many new vehicles contain such features as lane change indicators, bulb out or reversing sensors. Adding a towing unit such as a caravan, boat trailer or box trailer to the vehicle means that these features can be affected. Using specialised vehicle specific digital or CAN-Bus wiring harnesses allows the vehicle to manage these features for safe towing.


2. Who should use them and why.

Traditional towbar wiring systems in Australia usually consist of bypass wiring looms, this means that the vehicles wiring system or “control system” is bypassed, effectively ignoring the towing unit in order to allow the vehicle to tow without affecting the running of the vehicle.

The problem here is that by bypassing the vehicles “control system” on a modern vehicle with so many in built safety features you are effectively overriding all of the safety features the vehicle was designed with and therefore potentially placing lives at risk.

Who should use CAN-Bus or digital wiring solutions? Anybody charged with the responsibility of activating towing solutions to a vehicle, to not do so puts lives at risk. It should also be the responsibility of any towing products retailer to offer these Digital & CAN-Bus systems to each customer, therefore removing the risk of future liabilities.


3. What is the range?

Virtually all new vehicles regardless of make or model have some sort of digital wiring to control the vehicles operation. The Zetti Erich Jaeger range of wiring harnesses now exceeds 100 different vehicle applications with new makes and models being added regularly. It is important to note that the Zetti Erich Jaeger harnesses are vehicle specific to the Asia Pacific region, this means you can be confident that they work correctly on Australian released vehicles.

Recently released models of the Mitsubishi Triton, Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Nissan Navara, Holden Colorado, Isuzu D-Max and the Mazda BT50 all have Zetti Erich Jaeger digital wiring harnesses available.

Search the full range online at


4. Are they cost effective?

Zetti Erich Jaeger wiring harnesses are cost effective against OEM (manufacturers) equipment. They will usually be more expensive than the traditional bypass wiring harnesses. The real question here is what risks are people prepared to take with a customer’s safety?

Erich Jaeger harnesses are also “precoded” meaning no additional trips to the dealer, incurring extra costs. Erich Jaeger harnesses are also fully self contained meaning you don’t need to purchase a loom, tail or ECU separate, all of which adds extra cost to each build.


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