• Towbars

    Zetti Towing stock a huge range of towbars, covering the majority of cars in the Australian market.  We stock a full range of heavy and light duty towbars (Class 2 and 4) and high quality European Style towbars.  Light protector bars are offered as an optional extra where required.  We also stock a range of universal truck hitches.

    We are proud to say that our towbars are all manufactured in Australian and all of our bars come with fitting instructions. All our towbars come with a lifetime guarantee for original purchaser and are designed and manufactured to meet Australian Design Rule 62-00.

    European range

    Zetti Towing also stock a full range of high quality European towbars to fit most makes and models now available in the Australian market. Zetti Towing stays ahead of the game buy offering new towbars as quickly as the vehicle appears in the market.
  • Wiring and Plugs

    You can't have a towbar without the wiring!  Luckily, Zetti Towing stocks a wide range of universal & direct fit wiring harnesses so you can tow your box trailer, boat, caravan, etc.  Whether it has traditional bulbs or LED lights, Reverse sensors or stability control, our wiring harnesses are made to suit your vehicle.


    As well as stocking high quality wiring harnesses from world renowned brands, Zetti Towing also have a hi-tech manufacturing plant right here in QLD!  We can manufacture our very own harnesses to "fill the gaps" in the market, as well as creating any custom loom that you may require.

    If you want to inquire about our custom looms, simply CLICK HERE.
  • Airsafe Hitches

    Is your tow vehicle an SUV, Utility, Large 4WD or Truck?  How heavy is your load?

    AirSafe Hitches require vehicle specific applications and aren't suited to everyday sedans or wagons.  They are a great upgrade for big vehicles towing heavy loads.  With an AirSafe Hitch installed only 10% of the trailer inertia transfers to the tow vehicle, compared to 100% using a traditional hitch connection.  When it comes to safety & comfort, you can't go past AirSafe Hitches.

    Are you practicing safe towing?
  • Weight Distribution

    Do you notice how your vehicle's driving characteristics change when your towing?

    This can be exaggerated depending on what your towing (trailer full of soil, large boat full of fuel, caravan ready for the holiday, etc.) as well as what you've loaded into the back of your tow vehicle.

    Weight Distribution Hitches evenly distribute the weight over the entire length of the towing vehicle and trailer, resulting in a more level ride with more control, stability while also reducing sway.

    To see our full range of Weight Distribution Kits,


  • Lugs

    Also known as Ball Mounts, the Tow Lug is the most important part of your Tow Bar.  Without it, you won't be towing anything!

    But, did you know that there are many different types of Tow Lugs available?  What application do you need?  What are you trying to tow?  And do you need to adjust your towing setup to suit your vehicle or trailer?  These are common questions we ask and it's important to know what you're after, because our range is massive!

    Did You Know?

    We have designed and developed our own range of common Tow Lugs. Suited for almost any heavy duty tow bar, these versatile lugs have been developed with the customer in mind. Understanding that not every person tows the same trailer, these universal lugs help to service the many needs of towing enthusiasts.
  • Bike Racks

    Bicycles.  Such a great way to get around.  Good for your health and good for the environment.  But what if you need to transport your bicycle?  The solution is a bike carrier, of course!

    Available in many configurations to suit the varied cycling population.  You no longer need a tow bar fitted to your vehicle to carry multiple bikes.  But the options are vast for those with a tow bar fitted!

    How many bikes?

    Are you a single rider, or a family of four?  There are many types of bike carrier available from Zetti Towing to suit all applications.  From budget solutions to high quality European made products, we've got you covered.
  • Accessories

    Do you need spare parts for your tow bar?  What about adding to your existing towing setup to increase it's potential?  Whether its a bracket or a tow ball.  A new trailer plug or a new Safe-T-Step.  All your towing accessories can be found in the one place - Zetti Towing

    Huge Range

    There are so many accessories available for towing products.  If it's just a replacement or upgrade part you're after, then look no further.  Maybe you're making a custom solution for your towing needs, we've got those parts too.  The possibilities are endless.