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Choosing a Bike Carrier

Are you just spinning your wheels trying to find the right Bike Carrier for your needs?  Look no further.

UBR02EH_on-car-with bikes

In order to select the right Bike carrier, it’s best to have a checklist.  Luckily we have done the leg work for you.

Do you have a tow bar fitted?

This may seem like an odd question, but it can determine the range of Bike carriers available to you.  Did you know that not all bike carriers require a tow bar to be fitted?  Amazing!  This opens up the options for the market and also allows many more people to enjoy their bicycle in far and away places.

So if you answered “YES“, please read on.

If you answered “NO“, then we advise you to look at our range of Booty Rack bike carriers by clicking here.

How many bikes do you need to carry?

Single rider?  Family of 4?  Or is it somewhere in between?  Whether it’s one bike or four, there’s a bike carrier to suit your needs.